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IFIA ImageAnnual membership dues are $25.00.

To join, visit the Join the IFIA in the About IFIA menu.

Membership Categories

Active Membership:

Any representative of a government agency educational institution, business or industrial concern, or a person actively engaged in training, pertaining to the emergency services and emergency management personnel shall be eligible for active membership, provided that such person has satisfactorily completed a course for instructors recognized by this organization. It is further provided that any individual who applies for membership must present proper certification stating he or she has satisfactorily competed the above requirements. Active members may make motions, nominate, and vote at meetings of the Association.

Associate Membership:

Individuals interested in carrying out the purposes of the Association shall be granted an associate membership upon the payment of yearly dues as set up for the active membership. The completion of a course for instructors as set forth in previous section shall not be required for an associate membership. The holder of an associate membership shall not be entitled to make motions, nominate, or vote at meetings of the Association.

Life Member:

The association may, by majority vote, of the members present at the annual meeting, confer life membership to any individual who has rendered distinctive service to the Association or to its purposes. A life member will be exempt from dues. No more than two such nominations may be approved in any year. Life members may make motions, nominate and vote at meetings of the Association.

IFIA current Life Members:

Charles & Linda Baker
Ron Hamm
Bill Wheat
Paul Covington

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