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You must be an IFIA member to borrow materials.

  • Return materials IMMEDIATELY after use via UPS to track your order, should we not receive them.
  • Members not returning materials in a timely matter will be contacted to return the materials. Once the member is notified you will be given (1) week to return the materials. If the materials are Not returned within that time frame, you will be invoiced for the cost of the materials.
  • Not all materials are available at all times This is a first come first serve basis.
  • Please take into consideration, when borrowing the materials that other fire departments may want to borrow the same DVD. This is why we request that materials be returned in a timely manner. Thank your for your cooperation.

Note: The IFIA is in the process of updating the Loaner Library with DVD's. Therefore, available DVD"s are limited until we can build it back up. Thank you for your understanding.

Available Titles

  • FF-01 Firefighter Safety: Part I
  • FF-02 Firefighter Safety: Part II
  • FF-03 Fire Behavior
  • FF-04 SCBA I: Introduction
  • FF-05 SCBA II: Use and Maintenance
  • FF-06 Personal Protective Clothing
  • FF-07 Portable Extinguishers
  • FF-08 Ropes and Knots
  • FF-09 Fire Control I
  • FF-10 Ladders I
  • FF-11 Ladders II
  • FF-12 Ventilation Basics and Horizontal Procedures
  • FF-13 Vertical Ventilation
  • FF-14 Fire Hose Basics
  • FF-15 Handling Hose
  • FF-16 Advancing Hoselines
  • FF-17 Fire Streams
  • FF-18 Forcible Entry
  • FF-19 Fire Detection, Alarms & Communications
  • FF-20 Lighting & Power Sources
  • FF-21 Property Conservation: Salvage
  • FF-22 Property Conservation: Overhaul
  • FF-23 Sprinkler Systems
  • FF-24 Building Construction
  • FF-25 Rescue Operations
  • FF-26 Advanced Ventilation
  • FF-27 Water Supply
  • FF-28 Fire Control II
  • FF-29 Foam Fire Streams
  • FF-30 Fire Hose Appliances
  • FF-31 Fire Origin & Cause
  • FF-32 Pre-Incident & Fire Safety Surveys
  • FF-33 Fire Prevention & Public Education
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