Biography - Jeremiah Cook

Jeremiah Cook is the Technology Director for the IFIA.  Jeremiah started his fire service career at the Brooklyn Volunteer Fire Department in Morgan County in 2007.  While at Brooklyn, Jeremiah recorded the first Instructor I videos for a hybrid class in January of 2017.  His technical acumen and commitment to quality content lead to a position with the Indiana Department of Homeland Security as a contractor under Chief John Buckman, Chief Jim Greeson, and Academy Administrator Charles Heflin.  Jeremiah took a year off from active duty and focused on building out and developing the Instructor I program for the State.  He then joined the Vernon Township Fire Department as a senior line firefighter in 2020.  He is currently the Training Division Coordinator at the Gregg Township Fire Department just outside of Monrovia in central Morgan County.  Outside of the fire service, he is an Informatics, IT, and Logistics Engineer for Indianapolis EMS, where he will celebrate his 11th year in April of 2022.

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