2017 Jasper Fire School

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March 25th & 26th
April 1st & 2nd

Location: Jasper High School

1600 St. Charles St.
Jasper IN 47546

Class Times: 8:30 - 4:30
(unless your Instructor has told you differently)

Friday Evening Classes will be at the High School 6:00 - 9:00pm 


Hotel Information:

Hampton Inn Jasper

355 3rd Ave, Jasper, IN 47546

Jasper IN 47546

Make Reservations at (812) 481-1888

Tell them you are with the Indiana Fire Instructors School to get the $112 rate.
Holiday Inn Express
2000 Hospitality Dr.
Jasper IN 47546
Make Reservations @812-482-3344

Tell them you are with the Indiana Fire Instructors School to get the $119 rate.


*To register, click here for a printable/fillable PDF.  Save form to your computer, fill out form and email completed from to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2017 Course List

All Certification Courses will have to be closed end of day on March 3, 2017 to submit names to the state.

Course#   Course Dates Cost

Fire Officer I - State Certified

March 25, 26, April 1 & 2 $180.00

Fire Officer II - State Certified

March 25, 26, April 1 & 2 $180.00

Fire Officer Strategy & Tactics
State Certified

March 25, 26, April 1 & 2 $180.00

Safety Officer - State Certified 

March 25, 26, April 1 & 2 $180.00

Engine Company Ops

March 25 & 26 $100.00

Truck Company Ops  April 1 & 2 $100.00
FF-04 Extrication

April 1 (Day & Evening) $125.00


Instructor I - State Certified

March 24, 25, 26, 31 &
April 1 & 2 

Instructor In-Service

March 25 $25.00
IV-01 Fire Investigator I
(State Certification)
March 24, 25, 26, 31 &
April 1, 2
ST-01 Fire Behavior - Thermal Imaging
Featuring Shawn Bloemker, Founder of Max Fire Box!
March 25 $60.00

*Friday Evening Course Start at 6pm 


Course Descriptions

*AM-01: Fire Officer I

Prerequisites: Firefighter II for 1yr, Instructor I, & Strategy & Tactics (FOST)

Requirements: IFSTA Company Officer Text 5e  (contact the IFIA to order 812-903-0103/800.235.0282)

Instructor:  Mark Hart, Training Officer, Zionsville Fire Department

Description: This course will cover the requirements for certification as NFPA 1021 Fire Officer I.  This course will help the Company Officer command the initial response and to manage numerous aspects associated with the daily operations of the Fire Company. 

Topics Include:  Role of the Fire Officer, Developing Effective Communication Skills, Compliance Issues, Accountability Issues, Managing the Safety and Wellness of Fire Service Personnel, Quality Management, Public Fire Safety Education, Progressive Discipline and Performance Appraisals, Building Collapse, Fire Cause and Determination and Incident Command System. 


*AM-02: Fire Officer II

Prerequisites: Fire Officer I

Requirements: IFSTA Company Officer Text 5e (contact the IFIA to order at 812-903-0103 or 800.235.0282) 

Instructor:  Steve Coover, Battalion Chief, Bloomington Fire Department

This curriculum includes instruction in Human Resources Management.  Community and Government relations, Fire Department Administration, Inspection and Investigation, Emergency Service Delivery with multiple agencies and Fire Department Safety.  At the time of course completion a qualified third party conducts evaluations of cognitive knowledge and practical skills.  A third party proctor will administer the written exam.  Certification is strictly based on completion of all practical skills and the written exam.

Note: During the state test, it is possible that test questions will be pulled from the Fire Officer I test bank.  It is the student’s responsibility to be knowledgeable in the prerequisite (s) subject.


*AM-03: Fire Officer Strategy and Tactics (FOST)

Prerequisites: Mandatory Training or above for 1yr.

Requirements: Books will be provided

Instructor: Scott Chasteen, IFIA, Retired Greensburg Fire Dept.

Description: The most critical time of any structure fire is the first several minutes that companies begin arriving.  Where is the fire now?  Where is it going?  Are the occupants out of the building?  Offensive or Defensive?  These are some questions you should be asking yourself when filling the role of company officer.  The decisions you make will affect the outcome of the incident.  Are you prepared to make those decisions?  This course is designed for those who already are or aspire to be a company officer.  Departments of any size will benefit from this information.  We will discuss topics ranging from the initial size-up to overhaul.  Participants should have a good understanding of basic firefighting techniques.  Projects will be assigned to be completed before the end of class.


*AM-04: Safety Officer 

 Prerequisites: Fire Officer I

Requirements: Prior to the first day of class you will need have completed practical’s 1, 2 & 3.  These completed practicals will need to be brought to class on the first day of school.  Please visit http://www.in.gov/dhs/3108.htm to view the practicals. Please see below regarding the links for the FEMA SID # and the revised application for NFA courses.  Must do before class. https://cdp.dhs.gov/femasid/ (FEMA Student ID Number information and directions)

Instructor: Tracy Rumble, IFIA Safety Officer, Greenwood Fire Department

Description: This course examines the Safety Officer's role at emergency responses.  A specific focus on operations within an Incident Command System for a Safety Officer is a main theme.  Response to all hazard types of situations will be emphasized.  This course is designed for the Safety Officer, Company Officer, Chief Officer, and forward moving firefighters.  The second part of the course will cover the Health and Safety Officer's responsibilities and roles within the Fire Department.  Upon completion of the class, you will receive Incident Safety Officer and Health and Safety Officer Certifications from the National Fire Academy and upon successfully passing the state exam, you will receive the Safety Officer certification from the Indiana Dept. of Homeland Security.  Anyone with scene safety responsibilities will benefit from this course.


*FF-02: Engine Company Ops


Requirements: Full PPE, including SCBA and extra bottle

Instructor:  Alan Trauner, Lt., Plainfield Fire Territory
Alan currently servues as the A-shift Lieutenant on Engine 122 for the Plainfield Fire Territory.  Alan has 13 years in the fire service with experience in career, volunteer and part time departments.  He also serves as an inspector and investigator for the fire prevention divison of the Plainfield Fire Territory on a weekly basis and is a member of Indiana Task Force -1. 

Description:  This is a two day course that will utilize a presentation and discussion session on Saturday morning with the remainder of the two days utilizing hands on evolutions intended to improve skills and knowledge of engine company operations.  Topics to be covered are effective hose deployment, hose advancement, nozzle selection, hydrant operations, drafting, extending your stretch, 2 1/2" hose movement and stairwell operations.  This year we weill have access to portions of a factory, so this will be a good opportunity to work with commercial hose operations.  

*FF-03: Truck Company Ops

Prerequisites: None.

Requirements: Full PPE, including SCBA and extra bottle.

Instructor:  Greg Williams, Plainfield Fire Department

Description: Want to learn the basic fundamentals of truck company work? Then this is the class for you.  This class is designed for a department with or without an aerial device.  Based on L.O.V.E.R.S.U., this class will instruct you in ladders, overhaul, ventilation, forceible entry, and search; promoting team concepts.  PREPARE TO GET DIRTY AND SWEATY!


*FF-04 Extrication

Prerequisite: Experience with Basic Extrication is required.

Requirements: All students must bring their department approved PPE for auto extrication, a flashlight is highly recommended for this course.

Instructor: John Pace (Genesis)

Course Outline: 
Morning (Classroom) 8:30am - 10:00am
 *Introduction (instructors, equipment, & overview of course)
           *Initial Scene size up
           *New Car Technology
           *Hybrid Extrication

Late Morning/Afternoon (Yard) 10:30am-2:30pm
*Students will be divided into 3 groups and rotated through each "pit"
           *Stabilization using Struts Systems and wood cribbing
           *Tool Placement Effective Methods
           *Multiple Scenarios including, 2-door Rip and Blitz, 3rd Door Conversion, Rolling/Jacking Dash, Underride. 

  Students will then take an offiste break and return in the evening

 Evening Night Operations (Yard) 7:30pm - 9:30pm
Multiple Vehicle Extrication
                               *Students will be required to use all of the information they received earlier in the day to recover an unknown number of patients.

*IST-01: Instructor I (Note: This class has Friday dates)

Prerequisites: Firefighter II for 1 yr

Requirements: IFSTA Fire Service Instructor 8/e (contact the IFIA to order 812-903-0103/800.235.0282)

Instructor: Jake Barnes, BC of Training New Albany Fire Department

Description: This course is organized to address the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), Fire Service Instructor Professional Qualification NFPA 1041.  This course has been approved by the Board of Firefighting Personnel Standards and Education for certification as NFPA Fire Instructor I.  This course in IFSAC accredited eligible.


*IST-03: Instructor In-Service

Prerequisites: Fire Instructor

Requirements: PPE & SCBA

Instructor: John M. Buckman III

Description: Instructional Techiques for Successful Teaching.  This class will discuss the methodology techniques and technological challenges for teaching today's student.  This class will discuss planning, preparation, delivery and outcomes of time spent in delivering and receiving training.  Students bring PPE including SCBA.  This class will discuss and demonstrate current trends in teaching techniques.  The technique of delivery includes activity.  Activity is an action.  Activity is about establishing conditions of performance.  This class will qualify the attendee for 6 hours of adult continuing education as part of the Fire Instructor I/II/III recertification expectations. 


*IV-01 Fire Investigator I
Upon successfully passing the state exam, you will receive the Fire Investigator I certification from the Indiana Dept. of Homeland Security.

Requirements/Equipment:NFPA 921, 2014 Edition and NFPA 1033, 2014 Edition (contact the IFIA to order 812-903-0103/800.235.0282)
coveralls, workboots, hard hat or firefighting gear (PPE) - 
Students will also need laptops, portable storage device (Thumbdrive), and digital camera.

Instructor: Matt Wells, IAAI CFI, CFEI A.S., Assistant Chief Indiana Department of Homeland Security, State Fire Marshal's Office, Investigation Section

Description: This course will be an intense class that will require a significant amount of time of self-study by the student outside of the classroom.  Students will be required to complete online modules at www.cfitrainer.net. Students will need to set up a free account and complete the following modules by the Friday session of the 2nd weekend of class:

  • The Scientific Method for Fire & Explosion Investigation (3hrs) 
  • Practical Application between 1033 & NFPA 921 (2hrs)
  • Understanding Fire through Candle Experiments (4hrs)
  • Fire Investigator Scene Safety (3 hrs)
  • Basic Electricity (4hrs)
  • Fundamentals of Residential Building Construction (3hrs)
  • Ventilation Focused Approach to Impact of Building  Structures & Systems on Fire Development (4hrs) 

Transcripts will need to be turned in on the Friday session of the 2nd weekend of class.


*ST-01 Fire Behavior/Thermal Imaging


Instructor: Shawn Bloemker (Founder of Max Fire Box), Featuring Andy Starnes 

Requirements:  Bring your thermal imaging camera if you have one

Shawn Bloemaker is a 20 year veteran of the fire service.  He developed the Illinois Fire Service Institute's Behavior and Smoke curriculum and was recognized by the IFSI as Instructor of the Month in November 2013.  He also served as coordinator of the fire Fighting Program at Lewis & Clark Community College.  Shawn developed the Max Fire Box, which has been instrumental as an instruction tool as well as used with research activities.  Shawn has been traveling the United States and Canada teaching fire and smoke behavior utilizing the Max Fire Box.  Shawn is a career firefighter at the Godfrey Fire District and is President of Max Fire Training, Inc. Home of the Max Fire Box. 

Andy Starnes is a lifelong student of the fire service and has been involved with the fire service as a volunteer since 1992 and as a career firefighter since 1998.  He is a fire service website contributor on the topics of thermal imaging, fire behavior, leadership, behavioral health, and faith based devotions for:  Firefighter Toolbox, Fire Department Concepts, Carolina Fire Rescue Journal, and fellowship of Christian Firefighters.  He  also is the founder of www.bringingbackbrotherhood.org, a nonprofit organization designed to encourage and provide guidance for firefighters in the area of behavioral health, counseling, and more.  He is passionate about Fire Behavior and assisting in instructing others on understanding the complex terminology of modern fire behavior on a regular basis. He has been featured on the Firefighter Training Podcast, modernfirebavior.com, and presented tactical thermal imaging courses at Fire House Expo, FDIC, Fire House World, and KTF West.  He has trained and/or assisted departments with Thermal Imaging Training in the following states:  Arizona, Idaho, Illinois, Colorado, Ohio, Montana, Wyoming, New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Maine, Massachusetts, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida and in Panama, Poland, Canada, and Germany.  He currently serves as a Captain on an Engine Company in a large career department in NC as the Deputy Chief for KTF Burns Divison, and a Thermal Imaging Subject Matter Expert consulting & Teaching in the areas of Tactical Thermal Imaging. He is a certified NC Fire Officer III and has a Bachelor's Degree in Fire Science Administration.

Description:  This session trains your firefighters in recognizing rapid fire and smoke behavior events such as flashover, backdrafts and smoke explosions in an interactive setting. The morning session begins with a brief lecture and ends with interactive live fire training utilizing the Max Fire Box. Members of your fire department will be given the opportunity to witness over 40 key fire behavior definitions in a controlled interactive learning environment. The afternoon session begins with live online lecture with Andy Starnes. The tactical 360, Go/No-Go decision making model and protecting your crew from thermal insult are just a few of objectives cover during this lecture. Upon completion of the classroom session firefighters will use thermal imaging cameras in an interactive learning environment utilizing the Max Fire Box.



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